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Testing Systems

BRAVO Testing Machine : Operating under strict ISO 17025 quality standards products are used to guarantee the quality of components, materials and finished products

Universal Testing Machine

The Universal TestingMachine are designed to test a wide spectrum of materials including metal wire & foil, plastics, rubber etc.

Food Texture Analyzer

A Food Texture Analyzer is a texture measurement system that moves in either an up or down direction to compress or stretch a sample such as a food, jelly, rice etc.

Melt Pressure

The Melt Pressure / Tempurature Transducer is special sensors used to measure pressure during the extrusion process.

Load Cell

The load cell is an important part of testing. For the best quality of the product, we have the NTS load cell from Japan and the Applied load cell from the UK.

Other Brand

View other brands and other testing machines. Import form other country, such as Japan, Amarica, UK, Taiwan, Germany.