Applied Measurement

Applied Measurements has just celebrated 20 years of supplying top quality strain gauge sensor and transducers to every corner of industry. Our team boasts more than 100 years of transducer experience and application knowledge so we can supply you with your ideal sensor or system combined with expert advice and after-sales service to make sure that you get the very best out of it.

Load Cell and Force Transducer

Load cells and force sensors to suit a huge range of applications and industries including tension & compression, s-beam, multi-axis, geotechnical testing, medical, civil engineering and submersible.
Modified and custom designs available!

Torque Transducers & Torque Sensors

Rotary and static torque measurement with interfaces including square drive, parallel keyed shaft and flanged.

Custom slip-ring and non-contact designs to 15,000rpm.

Static models to 50kNm and custom versions 200kNm+

Pressure Sensors

A broad range of pressure sensors, transducers and transmitters to measure from 0-0.25mbar to 0-3000bar in gauge, absolute, vacuum or differential modes.

Submersible Level Sensors

Our range of submersible / hydrostatic sensors for measuring the level and depth of liquids. Applications include tanks, vessels, rivers, reservoirs, boreholes, channels and pits.

LVDT Position / Displacement Sensors

A select range of of sensors for the measurement of displacement and position including LVDT, draw wire and strain gauge displacement transducers.

What is an LVDT?
The Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) is an electro-mechanical transducer that converts the linear motion of the object to which it is coupled mechanically in a corresponding electrical signal.

Draw Wire Position Sensors

Draw wire sensors, string pots or cable extension transducers measure position and displacement. All models in our range have accuracy better than ±0.1%, plus rotary potentiometer and encoder sensing technology.


The Digiforce is a portable, battery-operated instrument which utilises a non-contact technique to measure tension in wire, strand, cable and rod without intrusion

Motorsport Sensors

If you require sensors to measure stress, load, force or torque in your motorsport application then we can help