Rupture disc

Rupture Disk For Plastic Extruder Machine

Model : BP1010
What It's For
The rupture disks designed for extrusion applications of reliable emergency relief of excess pressure since they instantaneously rupture at a specific predetermined pressure range.
  • Ranges : 3500psi, 5500psi, 7500psi, 9500psi
  • Combined error : ±5%FS
  • Diaphragm temperature : 400℃(750℉) Maximum
  • Stem length : 1.81″, 3″,6″, 9″
  • Process connection : 1/2″-20UNF, M18×1.5, G3/4 or customized
  • Chemical Fribre equipment
  • Plastic & rubber process machine
  • Other melt fluid process control

Bolt Extruder Rupture Disc

Model : BP1020
What It's For
The rupture disk is specially designed for all kinds of hydraulic equipments, and it plays an important role in release and buffer pressure in the industrial area.
  • Pressure range : 0…10bar…700bar
  • Caliber range : Φ5mm…Φ50mm…300mm
  • Diaphragm temperature : 0-150℃ max.
  • Process connection : G1/4, M14*1.5, M20*1.5 tailor for other size
  • Material : 316L, copper nickel alloy
It is designed for industrial control, gas, liquid and medical equipment or other fluid process control.

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