Smart Indicator

Smart Indicator
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Smart Indicator
for Force & Torque transducer

The BRAVO Smart Indicator for Force & Torque transducer. The Smart Indicator is suitable for use in calibration labs for force and torque, field service, or anywhere high accuracy is important. Features include a touch screen 6-digit display, remote sense, low noise, 24- bit resolution, USB port communication, apply load calibration and the ability to store up to 6 different sensors. 10-point linearization, unit conversion
  • Exitation : 10VDC
  • Outputs : USB Port
  • Maximum Display Counts : +/- 999,999
  • Internal Resolution : 24 bits
  • Transducer up to 6 unit
  • Operating Temperature 10 to 50 OC
  • Power Requirements: 220Vac/50Hz
Use with Durometer shore A and D

How's does indicator working ?

เครื่อง Digital Force Gauge คือเครื่องอะไร มีหลักการการทำงานอย่างไร และสามารถใช้ทดสอบอะไรได้บ้าง ?