Melt Pressure Measurement & Control

What It's For
In 1983 Terwin introduced the patented 2000 Series "High Temperature / Environmentally Friendly" extrusion melt pressure transducer. This safe, accurate, and competitively priced transducer incorporates a unique mechanical design to overcome the problems of large zero and span shifts caused by changes in process temperatures.
  • The Terwin 2000 series contains no fill material at all. No mercury, no sodium potassium, no oil, nothing – just fresh air, and hi grade  stainless steel.
  • Safe for use in food, food packaging, medical, and pharmaceutical extrusion processes at temperatures up to 450°C / 842°F.
  • Mechanically and electrically compatible with most other brands of sensor.
  • Fully RoHS Compliant.
  • Fully CE certified and supplied calibrated to National Standards.
  • Terwin’s unique Di‐Hard™ diaphragm is both abrasion and corrosion resistant and almost four times thicker than any of our competitors’ diaphragms.
  • Standard (OEM) fit by many medical extruder manufacturers worldwide.
  • Options available with type “J” or “K” integral thermocouples.
  • Available with a variety of head and connection/calibration types.
  • Also available with Gentran, Barber-Colman and Omega connections and 4-wire 30K1ohm open calibration system.

Terwin Ultra-MAX™ series

What It's For
The Terwin Ultra-Max series melt semsors utilise traditional hydraulic transmission between the sensing diaphragm and the strain gauge assembly. Don’t confuse low cost, with low quality! These traditional sensors provide superb performance in general extrusion situations.
  • Low cost, high performance.
  • Accuracy as standard ±0.5%, options for ±0.25%.
  • Terwin Extru-Max™ diaphragm as standard.
  • DCN coated diaphragms for excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance.
  • Fill material:  Safe, Non-Toxic & Non-Flammable Ultra-MAX™.
  • Available with mV (transducer), mA, or Voltage (transmitter) outputs to industry standards.
  • Internal 80% negative shunt calibration.
  • Compatible with most other competitors' sensors.
  • Options for type “J”, “K” or “PT100” integral temperature sensors.
  • D6 (6-Pin) or optional D8 (8-Pin) industry standard connections.
  • Standard stem length 6”, optional lengths available from 3” to 18”
  • Transmitters now available with "AUTO ZERO" option

Terwin “TEBP” Series Extrusion Burst Plugs

What It's For
The Terwin TEBP‐Series burst plugs are specifically designed for use in extruders where the maximum
process temperature does not exceed 410°C (750°F).

The TEBP Series is designed to provide a reliable last line of defence against the build up of excessive
pressure.  The instantaneously rupture at a predetermined pressure.

Terwin DG7 Series

What It's For
The Terwin DG7 Series is a battery powered micro‐processor controlled, high accuracy and versatile digital
pressure measuring instrument with integrated fast peak, maximum and minimum functions.

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