Sensor Technology


Bravo Testing Machine

Torque Transducers & Torque Sensors

We offer a range of rotary torque sensors and transducers to suit a variety of industrial applications including hydrogen powered cars, peristaltic pumps, bottle capping, electric and hybrid powertrains, testing aircraft landing gear, tidal turbines, and viscosity to name a few.
Bravo Universal Tesing Machine

Load Cells

Applications include load monitoring, fork lift and materials handling. Browse through some of our application stories and product releases to see how LoadSense is helping customers solve their load measurement problems around the world?

Terwin Melt Pressure

Wireless Strain Gauge Series

The Wireless Strain Gauge Transmitter (WSG) series is capable of turning any manufacturers strain gauge based sensors into wireless systems which can be read using our standard range of displays, readouts and software.

Helicopter Load Measurement

Our helicopter load measurement equipment is designed for underslung load monitoring, HeliNav LoadMaster is an intelligent wireless load sensor with inclinometer and accelerometer capabilities. Our load sensors are available in sizes from 1 to 10 tonnes with the ability to transmit data wirelessly up to a distance of 100m.