Terwin Melt Pressure Gauge

Temperature Humidity Test

Temperature Humidity Chamber also call Climate Chamber, can simulate various tempetature and humidity environment for high low temperature operation & storege
Terwin Temperature Measurement & Control

Thermal Stress Test

Thermal Shock Chamber have a specimen carrier basket that automatically moves a product between high temperature zone and low temoareture zone in shortest time
Terwin Instrumentation

Pressure Test

Pressure Test Chamber can simulate environments in differnt temperature, humidity, pressure situation, which mainly include HAST Chamber, PCT Chamber and Altitude Temperature Chamber
Terwin Cable Assemblies

Low Pressure Test

Altitude Chamber / Hypobaric chamber is a test equipment that simulates the climate of high altitude, high altitude and plateau region for storage and transportation reliability test
Terwin Calibration & Test Equipment

Aging Test

Labtech provides various types of Aging Test Chamber, including UV Aging Test Chamber, Anti-yellow Aging Test Chamber as per ASTM standard and ISO standard.
Terwin Accessories & Tools

IP Test

IP Test Chamber includes Drustproof & Waterproof Test confirming to IEC 60529 standard, such as IPX1&2 Water Drip Test and ETC.