Accessories Operating Stand

Plattform for Durometer Operating Stand

This platform will be screwed to basis of the operating stand from below by means of 2 screws. The larger platform will allow testing of larger samples.

  • Width : 400 mm
  • Depth : 200 mm
  • Material : Aluminium anodized
  • Surface : Ø98 mm stainless steel
  • Net weight : 2,7 kg

Prism Center Device

The Prism Center Device is designed to measure hoses and cables. It is cooperating with:

  • Micro IRHD System
  • IRHD N, H, L / Durometer Hardness Ssystem
  • Durometer Operating Stands
  • Dimensions: 130 mm x 140 mm x 76 mm
  • Net Weight: 1,03 kg

OS-3 Holder for Durometer OO

The OO-adapter unit enhance the range of functions of the Operating Stand Durolifter/OS-3 for measurements of Durometer OO type. You can install our digital Durometer HDD-2 or the analogue Durometer HD3000. The OO-adapter fulfill the ASTM D 2240 standard.

  • Dimensions: 112 mm x 40 mm x 38 mm
  • Net weight: 0,6 kg