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Durometer : A measure of the indentation resistance of elastomeric or soft plastic materials based on the depth of penetration of a conical indentor.


เป็นเครื่องทดสอบความแข็งของวัสดุ จำพวกยางและพลาสติก ซึ่งใช้การยืดหยุ่นตัวของวัสดุที่ถูกกดโดยสปริงที่แรงคงที่และมีหัวกด รูปทรงต่างๆแล้ววัดระยะยุบตัวของวัสดุด้วยDialgauge บอกเป็น ค่าความแข็งแบ่งเป็น 100 สเกล
มาตรฐาน (Standard)
ASTM D2240, JIS K 6253, ISO 7619, ISO 868, DIN 53 505

GS 719/720 This is durometer which was developed to comply with JIS K 6253 (new JIS) ruled in 1993 to confirm ISO ( International Organization of Standard ). It consists of 3 types of durometer such as Type A for medium stiffness, Type D for high hardness and Type D for low hardness.
Type A which is main type tends to indicate higher figure by 1 or 2 points compared with conventional A hardness measurement. Type D is suitable for hard rubber of which measured figure by Type A 90 and above and Type E is suitable for soft rubber of which measured figure is below 20
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GS-744 Durometer This is available as TECLOCK original durometer based on customers’ requirement, even though they are not ruled in JIS or ISO. Type E 2 durometer with around half of sponge spring load figure of type E, and type FO to measure hardness of polystyrene sponge for the level of sponge washing dishes are available.

Deep Hole Type Durometer In case there unevenness on the measured face, less flat face because of irregular shape and deep bump at the bottom, depressed face of durometer is difficult to reach and sometimes accurate measurement is not possible.
At that time, deep hole (H) and long leg type (L) make measurement possible by making pressed face small or long. Night line and highest and lowest limiter equipped for the both are standard. Then, long leg type complies with DIN 53505.

Stand For Durometer GS-710 This is a oil pressure type measuring instrument by load of constant speed / pressure ,which has dissolved personal difference by load pressure to measure rubber hardness. Each durometer of type A, E,B,O SRIS with fixing around 1kg weight and type D, DO, C with fixing 4kg weight can measure by static loading around 5kg.

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